Last updated: December 10, 2023

How is SOLO different to other solutions?

SOLO is a next-gen show control system that’s taken the concept of show control to whole new level. It allows users, for the first time in history, the unprecedented ability to live curate a show in real time while performing the show! You have the ability to cue any effect in any order, at any time, in an instant. 

Does SOLO use a playlist?

Short answer, no!

Every other show control system relies on the ‘playlist’ principle and simply skipping to the next track. Although this method has served the industry well, it’s not really changed… Until now…

SOLO allows you to ‘jump’ between different cues whenever you like, based on what you interact with. It could be an object, prop, your environment or even a simple gesture, meaning you have full control to modify the show in real time without skipping a beat, the audience noticing or without any stress or worry. No more double tapping, long holds of buttons, multiple buttons or fiddling in your pocket!

However, built into SOLOstudio is the ability to use the ‘GO Button’ method, moving through cues in sequential order if you wish. Except, with SOLO, you do this invisibly with a gesture or a even a glass of water, making your show more magical and professional.

Can I use one RFID tag to start multiple cues?

Sure thing!

One RFID tag can be assigned to multiple cues/effects which all start on one tag scan.

You can also assign a tag to a Group, and inside this Group have multiple cues which all start when the group RFID tag is scanned. A group can also  be set to ‘Go mode’ which allows you to cycle through cues in that group in sequential order on each group tag scan. Think of this as having a mini ‘Go button’ playlist but isolated to just one group. It’s amazing.

Is Bluetooth reliable?

Absolutely! SOLO is trusted by hundreds of professionals around the world.

SOLO uses an incredibly powerful Bluetooth chip with a highly tuned antenna to give it superb reliability and an unbelievable range. 

You may have heard stories about Bluetooth and that’s because most people have only experienced issues with cheap remote controls that rely on equally cheap electronic components. These remotes use older Bluetooth protocols (usually Bluetooth 4). 

Before this becomes a science lesson, SOLO uses an incredibly powerful Bluetooth 5.2 chip (with coded PHY enabled) which we had specifically certified for use with SOLO. It’s so powerful we had to reduce its output to pass our CE & FCC testing! 

As well as custom designed hardware with Bluetooth signal filtering we also have a robust bidirectional communication function built into our firmware that monitors the connection constantly. 

SOLO bonds securely with your device and utilising the above mentioned systems we’re able to navigate the air waves with ease even in heavy wireless traffic environments such as cruise ships, theatres, TV / Film studios and conference centres. 

Finally, SOLO is only sending very small amounts of data which means we can do this incredibly reliably, with error checking in place on both a firmware and software level to increase reliability even further. Add in our super powerful Bluetooth chip and that highly tuned antenna and that’s how we made SOLO so incredibly reliable. 

Is SOLO tested and FCC/CE approved?

Yes! SOLO is the only show control system that we’re aware of that is both fully CE & FCC approved. This is a legal requirement for electronic devices sold both in the US, EU & UK.

Your safety is paramount to us and so we’re pleased to say that SOLO conforms to all necessary safety standards imposed and outlined by the European Union (CE) RED directive & FCC. 

Should you require a copy of our certificates of compliance please email: support@solosfx.com 

How does SOLO work?

SOLO uses powerful RFID technology to detect RFID tags (stickers, buttons, cards, etc) that are attached to props, objects, your environment… anywhere!

When these tags are detected it relays this to our amazing app, SOLOstudio, and if the tag is assigned to an action then that specific effect is triggered. Simultaneously, you receive live feedback letting you know that the system is working.

SOLO doesn’t use a traditional remote control or buttons and so you have unlimited effects that can be cued by unlimited RFID tags.

solo process simplified

Can I use SOLO with other apps?

SOLO is unique in that it’s the only show control hardware to have been co-designed with it’s companion app, SOLOstudio. As such, SOLO can only be used with SOLOstudio. 

SOLOstudio is our amazing app, that enables you to cue multiple effects seamlessly, with a simple UI and powerful features, making show control so easy and intuitive. 

What's the SOLO returns policy?

Please check out our Terms & Conditions 🙂 

Is SOLOstudio app available for iOS & Android?

Currently we support Android and iOS with SOLOstudio available to download here.

Not sure whether to use iOS or Android?

Android is a wonderful community and great for app development however the OS isn’t as robust as developers would like. Mainly because of the huge variety of devices available, hardware configurations and OS skins. As such, on Android we only support audio features. 

Whereas, iOS offers a far more reliable interface, high spec’d hardware and an excellent, consistent user experience. It’s also allows for external devices and reliable 4K video playback alongside other cues so it our flagship SOLOstudio PRO app with full video & live cam features is only available on iOS.

Therefore, we’d highly recommend using an iOS device with SOLO & SOLOstudio PRO to unlock the full potential of the system.

Do you have video tutorials?

We sure do, over 50 of them and counting! 😀 simply head to our Support page.

What's the difference between SOLOstudio & SOLOstudio PRO?

Loads. You can see all the differences on our SOLOstudio page here.

Can I control volume with SOLO?

Sure can! We have built in a method to ‘Duck’ your volume to a pre-set minimum. This happens on RFID tag scan, toggling between two states… the max volume (normal device volume) and the pre-set minimum.

Check out our glossary page and support page for more info.

Do you have any coupon codes?

All of our offers are published on our website when available.

Do you provide review copies?

We always want to promote SOLO® in the best possible way, and SOLO® is a high end device so we only offer ‘review copies’ on a case by case basis.

Should you wish to apply for a ‘review copy’ then please get in touch at sales@solosfx.com

Can you import media from iTunes?

Quite simply, I’m afraid not.

Due to ongoing improvements to DRM (Digital Rights Management) of licensed music it’s becoming incredibly difficult to reliably import music from iTunes or Spotify, even if we could.

Therefore, we always recommend using raw files stored locally on your device to ensure maximum reliability.

How do I put media on my iPad/Android device?

It’s so easy! We have a tutorial just for that… Head to our Video Tutorials on our Support page

Do I have to buy SOLOstudio PRO separately?

iOS With the release of SOLOstudio® PRO v3 we now have merged into one mega app which is available on iOS (SOLOstudio® PRO). It’s free to download with in app purchases to unlock all features. 

Android Two apps are available (Basic) & PRO however due to Android OS restrictions and device compatibility we only offer audio only features on Android. 

To get SOLOstudio PRO please download it here.

Do I get the SOLOstudio® PRO app with my SOLO® purchase?

No, sadly not.

Apple & Google provide the app through their app stores and so in accordance with their terms and conditions we’re unable include it in your SOLO® purchase.

I have a specific question, how do I get in touch?

Please email: support@solosfx.com. We aim to respond within 2 business days and are based in the UK, so please take this into consideration 🙂 

Due to the popularity of SOLO we can no longer respond individually to Facebook or Instagram direct messages, sorry about that!

More information

If you need more information please head to our support pages at www.solosfx.com/support as well as our online video tutorials.

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