SOLOstudio® PRO

Powerfully simple software for professional show cues

Full control

SOLOstudio® PRO is the simplest, quickest and easiest to use show control software on the planet and when combined with SOLO® becomes one of the most powerful.

Under the hood is all of the features you’d expect from professional show control software, as well as some incredible never before seen upgrades that are exclusive to SOLOstudio® PRO.

With SOLOstudio® PRO you can cue:

  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Live Camera (device)
  • External USB webcam / capture card (iPad only)
  • Audio from URLs
  • Groups

Intuitive design

Fades, delays, loops, advanced track trim and cue layering can be done with just a single tap. Add SOLO® triggers, set master fade out and independent track volume control with a single tap.

Start, stop and transition between tracks with a single tap!

See where we’re going with this?

Intuitive design and a user-focussed UI simplify the complex features that have been industry secrets until now.

Free to perform

SOLOstudio® PRO has been co-designed to work beautifully with SOLO® and offer incredible features that have never been seen before.

Imagine having 100% reliable feedback, perfect timing, the ability to start and stop tracks without button pushes, one tap track assigning, automatic cues and precise logarithmic volume control.

No buttons. No remotes. No fumbling.

PRO features

Perfect timing is what you’ll have when using this feature. When a cue has a delay, SOLO® will count you in to the exact moment a cue starts! Mind-blowing!

Double Tap enables you to start and stop cues with the same prop or gesture. Simple, clean & invisible to your audience.

Go Mode allows you to control your whole show with one simple gesture and the built in safety features make the dreaded ‘double press’ impossible!

Plus… Play/Pause control,  Level Shift (ducking) & auto play next track automations are also available with SOLOstudio® PRO.

Oh and… Did we forget to mention, Image, Video, Live Camera, as well as show notes, show mode and show recording?! 🤯


iPhone & iPad

SOLOstudio® PRO is designed to work amazingly with all our incredible features on your iPhone & iPad. It’s available to download now on the App Store.

On iPad OS, SOLOstudio® PRO is also multitask enabled so you can split screen with other apps and SOLOstudio® PRO will adapt responsively!

SOLOstudio® PRO can also be downloaded for Android but to keep it running smoothly this is just for audio cues only.

Infinite tracks
Infinite cues
No 3rd party ads
100% SOLO compatible
Audio cues
Video cues*
Image cues*
Live cam cues*
Group cues
URL Audio cues
Multiple Shows
Live cam recording*
Auto play next track
Play/Pause Tag control
Level Shift (duck)
Double Tap
Perfect timing
GO mode (Go button)
GO mode (in Groups)
Group master reset*
SOLO accounts*
Show Backdrops*
Show Notes*
Show Mode*
Multi-file import
Volume control
Advanced Audio trim
Layer tracks (mix output)
Master fade out (panic)
Assign SOLO triggers
Scan suppression
Cue feedback
Customisable feedback
Auto SOLO Power off
Priority updates*
Future add-ons*

*only available on iOS

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