Trigger show cues with objects, props & gestures.




solo next gen show cue system device rfid
solo next gen show cue system device rfid

Meet your new tech team

SOLO® is a next-gen system that makes controlling your show media cues simple.

Utilising the latest RFID technology, ‘tagged’ objects, props and hand gestures become the triggers that control your show. You live curate your show from the stage. No more fixed playlists, buttons or remote controls – just perform.

Works like magic

Ok, so not actual magic but it feels like it! Each RFID tagged prop can be assigned in our app to one (or multiple) show cues so just be interacting with that object, you trigger those cues.

That’s the power of SOLO®. Here’s how it works in more detail…

Small but mighty

Weighing just 38g & smaller than a pack of cards, SOLO® is your new secret weapon.
Wear it or hide it, it’s always ready and responds to your actions.

solo dimensions

You're in control

SOLO® is different from every other show control system on the planet.

When a cue is triggered you’ll get instant feedback from SOLO® and never before show precision using the SOLOstudio® PRO app. When we say ‘next-gen’ – we mean it.

You're in control

SOLO® is different from every other show control system on the planet.

When a cue is triggered you’ll get instant feedback from SOLO® and never before show precision using the SOLOstudio® PRO app. When we say ‘next-gen’ – we mean it.

SOLOstudio® PRO

Introducing SOLOstudio® PRO, our incredible companion app that unlocks the full potential of SOLO®.

Inside SOLOstudio® you can add, trim, fade, loop & delay media, as well as add SOLO® triggers, all in SOLOstudio® without any programming or 3rd party apps. It’s so easy.



Super User Friendly

SOLO® is easy to use, quick to set up and only has one button(!) so you can perform confidently without distraction.

8 hour+ battery

Powered by the latest USB-C battery technology SOLO lasts for up to 8 hours!

Focus on performance

There’s no buttons or track skipping to worry about. SOLO® gives you the freedom to perform while it takes care of your show cues.

Instant Feedback

Before your music even plays you’ll get notified by SOLO® using haptic & visual feedback so you never have to worry. All configurable in SOLOstudio® PRO.

Incredible RFID

SOLO® state of the art chipset can detect props up to 8″ away & even through tables, hands & clothing!

Ultra compatible

SOLOstudio® PRO is available on Android, iPad & iPhone to give you ultimate flexibility. 

USB-C, obviously.

It’s the future. Just one USB-C port to make charging SOLO® as simple as possible.

Edit on the go

Add, trim, fade, loop, rename & set SOLO® triggers inside SOLOstudio® PRO. No 3rd party apps are required.

PRO features

Inside SOLOstudio® PRO are some insane new features that are exclusive to SOLO® & SOLOstudio® PRO like Perfect Timing, Double Tap & more!

350ft range

Using the latest BLE 5.2 technology to connect directly to SOLOstudio app we can obtain incredible ranges of up to 350ft! (LOS)

You're in full control

You can change your show on the fly & SOLO® will update live giving you instant feedback and ultimate confidence on stage.

Secure connection

Each SOLO® device connects securely with the SOLOstudio® PRO app so you never have to worry about interference.

100% hands free

Just perform & let SOLO® take care of the rest. In fact, there’s just one single button (to turn SOLO® on)! 

SOLO® is global

You can use SOLO® anywhere in the world without licence or switching frequencies making it perfect for travelling or cruise ship performers.

Double Press Protection

SOLO® ensures a tag can’t be scanned twice by accident avoiding the dreaded ‘double press.’ 

Range warnings

SOLO® will notify you if you ever go out of range (which is unlikely!) – and instantly reconnects to SOLOstudio® when you’re back.

SOLOstudio® PRO

Everyone can download the SOLOstudio® PRO app. Just head to your app store to download today. 

Goodbye playlists

SOLO® ‘jumps’ between tracks so all of your music for all of your shows can be stored in one place – inside the SOLOstudio app. 

5 second set up

Once paired, just turn on SOLO® and it connects automatically to SOLOstudio® PRO – so you’re ready to go in seconds.

Multiple SOLO®

Connect multiple SOLO® devices simultaneously to SOLOstudio® for unparalleled flexibility & control. Wear one – hide one under a table!

Incredible app

SOLOstudio® PRO is our incredible app that allows you to add, trim, loop, fade, delay & set triggers for your media & effects.

Customisable feedback

In the SOLOstudio® PRO you can choose between LED, haptic feedback or both depending on your performing environment.


A multifunction RGB LED notifies you of SOLO®  connection status & cue feedback.

Monitor battery use

Inside the SOLOstudio® app you can view live battery life information from every connected SOLO® unit.

Layer Tracks

With SOLOstudio® you can layer multiple audio tracks, triggering them to play from the same or multiple sources at the same time (or not)! 

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